Reiki Healing

What is Reiki healing?

An energy healing technique, Reiki healing came to life in the early 20th century, and originated in Japan. The concept began upon the realization of “life force energy” that flows through the human body. Through the magic of hands and expert learning, a reiki master has the immense power to heal a human body and relieve them of pain and stress.

A combination of God’s power, wisdom, and life force energies that surround us, Reiki healing is now a very popular method adopted to guide energy throughout the body and promote self- healing. With the goal of promoting good health for the mind and body, Reiki healing balances the energy fields based on a few principles that can help create a positive lifestyle.

What’s even better? While Reiki healing and principles can be the guiding force of your life, they can even be incorporated as mantras for healthy living. Gratitude, positivity, and real Reiki healing can do absolute wonders to your day-to-day life. Reiki is a form that can be practiced for all living beings to ease the pain, worry, and anxiety within them. Boost your sense of well-being with the pure concept of Reiki, the flow of positive energy, and create the balance you have been desiring for a while.

Why choose Reiki healing from Acharya Ravi Kumar Sardana?

The power of energy, angelic hands, profound focus, and decades of precision is not for the weak or negative flow of life and energies. One of the masters in Reiki healing and brimming with positive energy around him, Acharya Ravi Kumar Sardana practices relieving you of mental, emotional or physical strain with his art.  Reiki healing offered by him complements your medical and therapeutic findings and increases the efficacy.

Consult Acharya Ravi Kumar Sardana when

You are looking to improve your mood and emotional well-being

You are looking to relax your mind and body and release stress

You are suffering from long-caused illness or cancer-related issues

You are stressed and shuffling between high and low blood pressure

You are undergoing surgery, building anxiety, feeling bodily pains, or insomnia

The word HEAL holds the key to your inner peace. With a hectic life for each one of us, it goes without saying that Reiki is not just limited to physical pain or grief but also for finding the true balance in life. While science cannot define the mechanism of action that Reiki holds, a true practitioner like Acharya Ravi Kumar Sardana can help bring immense peace, heal a variety of physical and emotional problems and in the end help you get acquainted with a sense of positivity into your life with his practice. If you are on the lookout for helping your body nurture its inner strength and achieve an internal state of relaxation, do not look any further. Your time is precious, let us help you spend it wisely! What your session will include:

What Your Session Will Include:

Removal of blockages in any of your chakras

A permanent cure to many ailments/ issues without any side effects.

A Reiki healing session [in-person or distance] depending on the problem.

Holistic wellness for all your ailments, be it physical, mental, or emotional.